The Trauma Audit and Research Network

About TARN

About TARN

Injury is still the most common cause of death and disability in young children and adults.

Our foundation in research and our highly skilled team ensures that we provide accurate and relevant information to help Doctors, Nurses and Managers improve their services.

Together with the participation of over 80% of all trauma receiving NHS departments across the UK, the Trauma Audit & Research Network has the largest database in Europe.

Trauma Networks
With the publication of Lord Darzi’s Reports, the first appointment of a National Clinical Director for Trauma and the development of Trauma Networks, Clinical Governance is seen to be central in driving improvements in trauma care. 

TARN measures and monitors process of care and outcomes to demonstrate the impact of these initiatives, providing local, regional & national information on trauma patient outcome.


TARN Objectives

  • Support multidisciplinary clinical audit by analysis of individual case management

  • Provide comparative statistics to clinicians about institutional performance

  • Provide summative information to local health commissioners about the trauma workload and its management

  • Provide population based statistics on the epidemiology of trauma



Information Delivery

  • eDCR online data collection system launched in 2005 for member hospitals, replacing the paper based audit.  Allows easy online data submission and validation along with built- in reporting system.
  • Quarterly Reports providing process and outcome measures for each hospital including Charts indicating overall hospital performance against other participating sites.

  • Ad-Hoc Analysis can be produced for any participating hospital and can contribute towards both local studies and national comparisons.  A proven way of monitoring and improving trauma care.