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Performance Comparison: Trauma Care

This information will be updated and available by end of May 2023

Trauma Care in England and Wales

Every year across England and Wales, 16,000 (approximately) people die after injury. It is the leading cause of death among children and young adults of 44 years and under. In addition, there are many millions of non-fatal injuries each year.

Understanding the benefits and the risks associated with different types of treatment is important for all patients. However it is not generally appreciated that there are variations in the success of treatment in different hospitals. It follows that there are probably opportunities to improve care.

This website was developed by the Trauma Audit & Research Network to help patients who have been injured. The Care Quality Commission (formerly The Healthcare Commission), the independent regulator of healthcare in England and Wales has advised The Trauma Network on the design of the website using the Heart Surgery Website as a model.

The website provides, for the first time, important information about the rates of survival for patients who have been injured and treated at different hospitals across England and Wales. It also provides information about the benefits of certain kinds of treatment.

How to use this information

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What it can't tell you

Your own chances of surviving injury. This is dependent on your individual cirumstances such as your age and general health.