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Performance Comparison: Accessibility
We have tried to make this website accessible to all users by attempting to use clear labelling so users know where a link or button is taking them and the type of documents they are downloading. We have attempted to use plain English throughout the site to increase accessibility.

PDF files

All of our documents throughout this website are currently only available as PDFs (Portable Document Format).

Downloading Adobe and using Adobe PDF Files
To view any Portable Document Format (PDF) you need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is freely available if you do not already have a copy on your computer (see link below).

Clicking on a PDF link will open the file in your browser window, where you can view or print the file.
If you click the PDF link with the right mouse button you will be given various options, one of which is to 'Save Target As....', if you select this option you can save the PDF file to your computer hard drive, and view the file whenever you wish.

Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader (opens in new window)

Accessibility of PDFs

Many of our reports are currently only available as PDFs. We know that this is a problem for people using screen readers and as the site develops we will include online summaries of our reports.
Adobe do provide information about accessibility and adobe products, and Acrobat Reader has a number of accessibility features.

Adobe accessibility information (opens new window)

Adobe Acrobat support (opens new window)

Adobe also offer a facility that converts PDF files into HTML, which may help in making the reports more accessible (to obtain the URL of the PDF you wish to convert: click on the link to the file on this website, the URL will appear in the browser 'Address' field).

Adobe PDF Conversion by Simple Form (opens new window)

If you are still having problems accessing a PDF file, please contact us and we will try to provide the document in a more suitable format for you.
Tel: 00 44 (0)161 206 4397

Other accessibility issues

Text size:
You can increase the size of the text on our webpages by:
Select 'View' in your browser menu, then 'select text size/larger' or 'increase font'.

We try not to use colour to convey information, however we also provide alternative explanations where colour is in use.

All relevant images have 'alt' text descriptions - this is what screen readers will read, and if you hover the cursor over an image, the description will become visible.

External links
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Navigating without a mouse
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