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Injuries to the Spine

Last updated 02 Mar 2022. All data shown is by calendar year.

All figures shown here must be looked at in conjunction with data completeness. If data completeness is low then the figures may not be reflective of true practice.

Unstable Spinal Injuries

Immediate referral must be made to the appropriate spinal injury service if there is evidence of partial or complete spinal cord or cauda equina lesion

RCS/BOA Standard 13.5

Why we assess the quality of care for different types of injury:

Injuries to the Spine:

Spinal injuries are a major cause of disability in the young. Once the patient has been brought to the Emergency Department, resuscitated and stabilised then early transfer to a hospital with spinal surgeons is very important. An early transfer maximises the chances of the often young patient, in terms of survival with the least possible disability because spinal surgeons can operate to stabilise the spine.
This early spinal stability allows a specialist spinal nursing and physiotherapy team to move and rehabilitate the patient as soon as possible without fear of causing further damage to the spinal cord.
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