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Injuries to the Chest

Last updated 02 Mar 2022. All data shown is by calendar year.

All figures shown here must be looked at in conjunction with data completeness. If data completeness is low then the figures may not be reflective of true practice.

Cardiothoracic Injuries

Examination of the chest is a fundamental component of the cardiopulmanory assessment of the seriously injured and should be supervised by the most experienced clinician.

RCS/BOA Standard 13.3

Why we assess the quality of care for different types of injury:

Injuries to the Chest:

Chest injuries are often difficult to assess and require skilled recognition of life threatening injuries to the heart and lungs which require immediate action. For this reason it is important that a senior doctor (above the level of Senior House Officer) is present in the team assessing the patient when they arrive in the Emergency Department.
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