The Trauma Audit and Research Network

Performance Comparison: Severn

Last updated 29 Aug 2019. All data shown is by calendar year.

Hospital Name Case ascertainment 2016
Case ascertainment 2017
Case ascertainment Jan18 - Mar19
Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust82 - 9998 100+
Gloucestershire Royal Hospital
Cheltenham General Hospital
Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust67 77 79
Great Western Hospital
North Bristol NHS Trust100+100+100+
Southmead Hospital
Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust86 - 9570 - 7790 - 100+
Royal United Hospital
Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust58 - 6814 - 1752 - 61
Musgrove Park Hospital
University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust84 - 9584 - 9790 - 100+
Bristol Royal Infirmary
Bristol Royal Hospital for Children
Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust100+100+100+
Yeovil District Hospital

Case ascertainment

The number of injured patients submitted to the Trauma Audit & Research Network database is compared to the number of patients identified in the HES (Hospital Episode Statistics) dataset that appear to meet the TARN inclusion criteria.

A range is derived based on the expected variation of the HES dataset. A single value is shown for hospitals that have provided feedback to TARN about their denominator.

We would expect a figure of more than 80% of injured patients to have been submitted by the Trust.

Figures of less than 80% show that fewer than the expected number of injured patients have been submitted by the Trust. Process and outcome measures should therefore be reviewed with this in mind.

Data Accreditation

A review of the number of times certain fields are completed correctly for the patients submitted to the Trauma Audit & Research Network database. The fields included in this calculation are:

  • Recording of GCS and/or intubation/ventilation
  • Incident/999 call date & time
  • Hospital arrival time
  • Reason for transfer and referral request date for transferred patients
  • Date and time of recorded CT scan(s)
  • Date and time, grade and speciality of surgeon and grade of anaesthetist for all recorded operations
  • Date, time, grade and speciality of recorded ED doctor(s)
  • Detailed injury descriptions
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Pupil reactivity for head injured patients

No Data

No data on the care of injured patients treated at this hospital has been submitted, either because they have never submitted data or because they are new members.