The Trauma Audit and Research Network

Research Requests

TARN Research supports research requests involving national and multi-network data.

If you are conducting research only involving data for your hospital or network, then this data can be obtained as follows:

  • TARN account holder: via your TARN data sources.
  • No TARN account but work at a TARN member hospital: via your local TARN data-coordinator.

If you have an interest in conducting a national or multi-network research project using TARN data, please utilise the resources below to make your request; ensuring you have read 'The 'R' in TARN' before submittance.

The R in TARN - A guide to our research programme and governance, how to use the database for your own research and how to request help for a special project
Using TARN data for Paediatric Trauma Research Projects
Research Request Form

When you are in a position to complete our Research Request Form, please download the form and submit it to Your request will be reviewed at the next Research Committee meeting, and you will be contacted shortly afterward with their comments.

If you require further support please contact