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This is the second report produced by the TARNlet committee, providing data on children with severe injury from January

2013 to December 2014 in England &Wales, and comparing these data with that produced in the first report on data from

2012.The Trauma Audit and Research Network (TARN) registry contains information on over 5,402 children under the age

of 16 injured from January 2013 to December 2014, as compared with data on 4,720 in 2012.

The TARNlet committee is comprised of clinicians, managers and academics who are involved in the management of children

who have sustained injury and are keen that this resource should be used to improve the care of paediatric trauma cases; in

this report data have been interpreted to suggest guidance towards prevention of injury, or that networks of care could be

reviewed to see if further improvement for the delivery of services to children could be achieved.

Those that died at the incident scene and were not transported to hospital are not reported to TARN. Further information

about the data methodology can be found at


Injury produces a significant health burden for children, being a leading cause of both death and disability, with the numbers

of different severities being shown above. In 2012, there were 737 children with ISS > 15 within the TARN database, similar

to the numbers per year in this report. Estimates of children attending with trauma to EDs vary between 30-60% of their

total workloads, depending on the location of the ED, with rural EDs seeing more trauma than inner city ones.

The overall picture is that there are about 4 million attendances by children to EDs each year.

This report concentrates on the


‘recorded’ children from January 2013 to December 2014 who sustained the most

serious injuries - an injury severity score (ISS) greater than 15.The true figure may be higher than this but, as will be seen,

the completeness of data transfer from hospitals reporting to TARN continues to improve.

All children attending ED following injury

All children in the

TARN database

n = 5,402

ISS > 15

n = 1,511

Figure 1 (January 2013-December 2014 data).